HiiSafe makes it easy to take responsibility for WHS and look after yourself, your staff, and your customers.

We've developed HiiSafe specifically for the hotel industry in alignment with mandatory New South Wales safety laws and the Australian Standards.

HiiSafe 17 Week Program

When you first register for HiiSafe you will receive weekly emails that guide you through creation and recording of workplace safety practices unique to your venue.

Pre-programmed reminders and secure online registers assist you to maintain the highest standards of workplace health and safety.

After completing the 17-week HiiSafe WHS program you will have unique policies and procedures together with records of your:

  • workplace inspections
  • incident reports
  • hazardous substances
  • inductions
  • contractor management
  • first aid
  • functional job descriptions and more

The program addresses common high risk areas affecting the hospitality industry including housekeeping, stewarding, kegs and the cellar management, and commercial kitchens.

Manage recurring tasks

In addition to weekly emails, HiiSafe's pre-programmed email task reminders guide you on what to do and how to do it, to maintain the highest standards of workplace health and safety.

Recurring tasks include:

  • Monthly workplace inspections
  • Self Audits
  • Staff and Contractor qualification expiry dates
  • Contractor Insurance Policy expiry dates
  • Hazardous Substance SDS review
  • Policy and Procedure reviews

Register and record activities

At any time 24/7 you can log in to HiiSafe and view your Workplace Activity History, which displays an overview of everything new or modified by all users associated with your workplace.

All activities and data logged in HiiSafe are securely stored for future reference, allowing you to track your progress.

Legislative compliance

HiiSafe helps you to meet your legislative compliance requirements but only if you complete the tasks and implement recommended procedures.

We cannot guarantee that your workplace will be 100% legislatively compliant if you use the HiiSafe system but it will help you prove you have a proactive approach. This will be beneficial in any dispute situation.

We guarantee your workplace will be provided with the tools to help you effectively manage WHS.

Every state in Australia has its own set of WHS laws. The WHS laws in New South Wales are the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 and HiiSafe has been designed around these laws and Australian Standard 4801.

HiiSafe gives you access to supportive Codes of Practice and Australian Standards in the Other Resources module, and more information can be found at SafeWork NSW.

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